Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Latest Immigration Legislation

McCain, considered a maverick Republican for opinions often differing from many GOP lawmakers, has just kicked off a national campaign promoting his new legislation co-authored with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.
Their bi-partisan proposal would allow illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. legally as ''guest workers," having the opportunity to earn U.S. citizenship.

Whenever I see a Republican cozying up to a national joke and embarrassment like Teddy Kennedy, the red flags appear instantly and I immediately wonder why anyone, let alone a Republican that seeks national office, would pursue such an association. I can only assume that McCain has spent a little too much time with Hollywood types who are old enough to remember when the Kennedy name still held its ridiculously unwarranted mystique. Poor clueless John.

Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado evidently failed to receive the memo which explained how our government had surrendered to Mexico (pronounced me-hee-ko) and wants to debate McCain on this issue. He states:

Your (McCain's and Teddy's) plan has its fans among big business. They want to continue reaping profits from cheap, low-skill labor while passing on social service costs of that labor to the taxpayer. They cloak their desire for open borders in their demand for one more amnesty, knowing full well that rewarding illegal behavior merely encourages more of the same.

Tancredo also has said:

It will not only encourage illegal immigration, but it will tell every single person who has done it the right way, who has waited in line, who has paid the fees, who has hired the lawyers, who has spent five or ten years trying to coming in, it's telling them they're nothing but suckers.

Well they are suckers, Tom. They've been reading too many books about America that were written back when we were a nation that respected laws.

As our country rapidly morphs into something very different from what we grew up in, and as our culture takes on an identity grounded in nothing, let's all give credit where credit is due... to those undaunted multiculturalist liberals and their leished fools like John McCain, who see nothing all that special about this country and recognize no advantage in preserving its unique character... that they never really liked anyway.

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Bryan Alexander said...

Forget Rush Limbaugh. If you keep posting great stuff like this, I may become a Chris Malott ditto-head.

Good Job.