Monday, February 13, 2006

The Leftist Democrat's Democrat

In every organization there is a person who speaks and conducts himself as most everyone in that organization would... if only they were honest or had the guts. I think for the Democrat Base that man is former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Clark served in the Justice Department for the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations and was national president of the Federal Bar Association in 1964–65.

Clark is the Loony Left personified. His latest client, Saddam Hussein, is currently benefiting from Clark's legal skills. By serving America's enemies Clark embodies the spirit of the Left... that spirit that scoffs at honor and allegiance... that spirit that treats this country as a suspect... that spirit that sees nothing all that special about the United States.

You're a loon, Ramsey. But you do not engage in subterfuge... so you're an honest loon. You're more honest than Oily-Al Gore who trashes America in the homeland of the 9-11 terrorists. You're more honest than the New York Times who publishes its country's counter-terrorism tools, making them less effective and us less safe. You're more honest than all those who say they support the troops, while encouraging their enemies.

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