Thursday, February 23, 2006

Douth Dakota's Abortion Ban

South Dakota's state senate voted on Wednesday for an abortion ban aimed at giving the conservative-tilting Supreme Court an opening to overturn rulings granting women the right to the procedure.

Fine. But barring a miracle worked on the heart of Justice Kennedy there are not enough votes on the Supreme Court to strike down Roe. While I believe abortion laws should me made by state legislatures and not by any branch of the federal government... timing is everything on this contentious issue.

Will this "going nowhere" law in South Dakota give ammunition to pro-abortion groups and reinvigorate them? Yes. Will it inspire the "pro-Roe" Justice Stevens to hold off on his retirement for a Democrat or a more liberal Republican president? Well, we can hope not. Scratch that. We can pray not. This is definitely a matter for prayer.

My personal belief is that, with the present members on the Court, an incremental step would have been much more effective and revealed more of the present member's leanings. My guess is that the law will be struck down by a lower federal court and the Supreme Court, at this time, will refuse to hear it.

I'm sure abortion is here to stay in the blue states. But without Roe, laws and attitudes... and hearts... are more free to be changed in the red states. I pray the Lord gives our side the wisdom necessary to get the job done.

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