Thursday, January 07, 2010

Finding Doreen

Chapter One: Bitterness Sets In

A while back I made contact on Facebook with my college girlfriend, Doreen (which I wrote about here) and we've passed a couple notes back and forth since.

I'm posting a picture that she sent to me... that I really don't have permission to post... But I figure, hey! What she gonna do? Call things off? Of course she could send her brutish husband after me. He works for the phone company and probably has a pair of those boots with the spikes for climbing poles... Those spikes could really do a job on a guy! But no matter...

When I knew Doreen in college, she was the complete package. She had great legs and she laughed when I tried to be funny... Which pretty much constitutes the complete package for me... The sum of all my needs.

Anyway, last week she sent me a picture of her family. She has a daughter in her twenties that is cute as a button. Her eighteen-year-old son is a good looking kid. And her husband... well... I suppose he's OK. They all look ridiculously happy. The bottom line is this...

Dang! She looks terrific! Still thin. Still pretty. She wasn't supposed to look this good! This woman is fifty-two-freaking-years-old. She's supposed to be at least a little frumpy by now. I mean... Dang!

She sent me a second picture of herself and her son on his recent 18th birthday.

I figure she sent the first picture because she is proud of her family. But I'm pretty sure she sent the second picture just to torture me. I suppose next there will be photos from the beach.

I know, I know... I let her get away. But I'm not bitter. After all, I have a good life, don't I? I have some money in the bank. I've beaten cancer. I'm healthy enough to run a couple or three miles. I have all my teeth. I'm a fruit-bearing Christian with a great future!

... ... ... ... ... But dang!

I'd write more, but it's getting late. I need to go switch on my electric blanket... And finish my stale bread and porridge.



Bekah said...

I have frequently suggested to God that it would be refreshing if just ONE of my many former loves would turn out to be ugly...or fat...or a bum. But nope, they're all still hot, skinny and successful. Annoying, isn't it?

Malott said...


Ha! There are one or two women I feel that way about.

But Doreen was sweet. She was still a woman... Smart... Manipulative... Played me like a fiddle... But in a sweet way. She was good to me.

I wish I had been a better guy with her.

So I'm glad she's happy. She deserves it.

Grammy said...

Ha, ha, ha...I think I know who the second was is...hence the "but Doreen was sweet" comment. I'm not sure whose hair is better in the picture from college.

Honestly, though, a good one got away from her too.

Malott said...


Seems to me I remember a time back in 90 or 91 that I was feeling particularly bad over a certain female.
You came to me and said, "Im sorry, but too much of you would have been wasted on her."
It was like analgesic salve for my heart... Just what I needed...And was probably the most critical thing I'd ever heard you say about a friend.
I'll never forget that... Because I figure it kind of cost you.

Tsofah said...


I have to agree with Grammy - that "a good one got away from her too".

From what I can assertain, you are not exactly chopped liver. You are funny, purposeful, caring, intelligent"er" than a lot of folks, (whew, I almost said you are smart!lol), and a pretty good looking man for your age! Not as good looking as my husband - but - pretty good!

I do not know Doreen. She seems very nice. However, from the photo of her with her son, I would say she, like most of us, does not live a charmed life.

I'm glad she has you as a friend.

Malott said...


We were definitely good friends. I imagine if she called me today, we'd talk 2, maybe 3 hours and have a wonderful time.

Grammy said...

I don't remember saying that, but I guess it's a good thing to just say what's on your mind. You know, it's not disparaging of anyone to say that that too much of you would have been wasted on her. It just means that you had too many qualities that did not align with her nature. An illustration, my great appreciation for country music would be entirely wasted on many elegant people. It's not their fault - they just don't know any better.