Friday, January 15, 2010

God and Man in Haiti

My visceral reaction to the events taking place in the Caribbean is pity and a very human reaction of wonder that a loving God would allow such suffering... A wonder that crowds my faith.

But I believe the images I've seen on my television provide an insight into the regard God places on this earthly human existence. It suggests that He did not create us to be happy, rich, comfortable, materially satisfied, and all those other illusions we claim as our birthright as we sit in Church surrounded by the rich of this world.

Our inability to see His blessing in these events betrays our misunderstanding of God and our purpose. The prayers and supplications that have risen from this poor island in the past few days represent an insight into the purpose for which man was created. For the woman trapped beneath the rubble, Jesus is not just an accessory in her lifestyle... He is become her fervent prayer and the focus of her hope. Her situation is suddenly less desperate than ours, as we travel through our short life comfortable and distracted.

We sate ourselves in the pleasures of our entertainments while questioning the justice of Hell. We flirt and laugh and compromise... Relaxed in half-truths about Grace, and oblivious to the Holiness of our Creator and his attitude towards sin. We love the world and we bathe in its culture. We offer up to Heaven our leftovers... A lukewarm and casual glance. We try and find time for Him.

But who does He pity. Who has His hand truly blessed?



Tsofah said...


I believe the greatest earthly blessing we have from G-d, in times like these, is the ability to help those who need it. If we don't have money to give, we can still offer prayers, words of encouragement to those who serve, and messages of hope to those who need it.

That is one great blessing.

Malott said...


The American people have always been good about helping in these situations.

Of course, I don't believe God allows calamities so that He can sit back and watch how America reacts. I figure America is far down on His list of priorities... Probably because He is so far down the list of America's priorities.

This earthquake was the fruit of a fallen world. God allowed it to happen. God getting a man's attention is more important than that man's happiness or wholeness.

God may have similar loving plans for the American Church.

Grammy said...

I'm very sorry for the suffering and loss in Haiti, and I wish it hadn't happened. That said, when I heard that bodies of children were piled up next to schools, I got a vision of a surge of children entering heaven amid celestial celebration. The children of Haiti suffer in such poverty. I love the thought of them in the arms of God. Haiti has been in such a viscious mess of anarchy for so long that it is easy for me to think that this could be a significant turning point for them that will bring them out of crushing poverty. I can hope...God have mercy on us all.