Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quote for the Day

"For the Christian who is an introvert, walking into the average Evangelical Church is like walking into a non-alcoholic cocktail party. It's this talkative, chatty, mingling... A setting that drains the introvert's energy... So there is this need to return to solitude to regain his energy."

--Adam McHugh, from an interview on "Prime Time America"


Grammy said...

I'm exhausted thinking about it. Now let me ask you this. When you enter a church to a din of animated social chatter, tell me why, oh why, after the service starts, does the pastor then have to tell everyone to turn and greet our fellow worshippers???? And the din begins again. What does he think all that yammering was before the service started? Oh how I love the quietness and reflectiveness of the Catholic Mass.

Malott said...


And the subject of all that chatter has nothing to do with faith or the Lord... But then I'm becoming more and more convinced that organized religion has little or nothing to do with faith.

The quietness and reflectiveness sounds great... At least it would constitute a difference from the Elks Club on Saturday night.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

A very interesting way of looking at things. But it's true.

We put a huge emphasis on the social side of things in churches. :?

Grammy said...

I do like the idea of the Church being the center of social life as well as worship life, but I think that the worship service should be an occasion set aside to focus on the awesomenss of God and not on each other. I even like spirit driven rowdy worship that is directed at God. For me, preparation for worship takes some time of coming into a quiet place of worship and getting on my knees to pray and get connected.

Our daughter and her family recently spent 3 years trying to become part of a lively and very evangelical/charismatic church. They participated in various ministies, but weren't able to get socially connected, so they never felt like they were a part of the church community. No one even noticed when they stopped going. That's a very bad sign.

Grammy said...

是, Gigi。 孩子将反射他们的父母,为好或坏

SkyePuppy said...

This is all true, but I find I have to regain my energy after work and after shopping and after all those other events or meetings that bring me around crowds.

Short of shutting ourselves up in a monastery or convent, introverts have to develop ways of finding solitude, or this life on earth will suck all the energy right out of us.