Friday, January 22, 2010

Fort Hood Teaches Nothing

The Pentagon Report on the Fort Hood shootings does not mention Islam. It refers to the Muslim murderer as "the alleged perpetrator," not mentioning his Muslim-sounding name.

The two investigators, Togo West and Vernon Clark, are Clinton appointees who have been involved in developing military policies that stress diversity, affirmative action, and oh yes... Political Correctness. These investigators were chosen for a reason.

As I said, the 86 page report does not mention Islam once. It does not question how an obviously troubled officer like Hassan made it through personnel reviews and was actually promoted. But West and Clark can't be expected to find fault with the policies they are personally responsible for.

The report suggested that the military needs to improve its ability to respond in such situations.

How true!

The political correctness that contributed to the Fort Hood Massacre survived the Pentagon Report and is alive and well. We'd better be ready to respond!



Grammy said...

I have one word to say about this...RALPH.

Grammy said...

You've heard the old saying "Don't let the perfect become the enemy of the good." Here's a new more politically correct one: "Don't let the obvious become the enemy of wishful thinking."

SkyePuppy said...

Obama is hardened in his determination to learn absolutely nothing. There's no need for him to face reality when he surrounds himself with people whose job it is to hide that reality from him (and he hopes from the American people).

It's like these guys are Photoshop wizards, and they've taken the photo of the obvious horse, spiffed it up, and presented it to Obama as a unicorn. Everybody else can see the truth...