Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's 5AM, I'm sitting at my computer, and I'm 56 years old. My house is filling with the aroma of my kick-arse hash brown casserole baking in the oven... And may I take a moment to say that I really am a terrific cook. It may sound like I'm bragging, but actually I'm holding back. I am still single today because women of every race, creed, and sexual eccentricity are intimidated by my cooking... And my abs, but surely that goes without saying.

I'm also very clever and bright... Witty? In Spades! I would be the life of the party if I had any friends that threw parties.

Amazingly (and this will forever humble me), I'm just getting better with age.

And today is my birthday... So I expect to actually get away with saying all of the above.



Grammy said...

Happy Birthday and best blessings for many more! And you're does keep getting better. And you truly are a multi-talented guy who made a big difference in my spiritual life. I thank you for that. And all the tennis.

Grammy said...

Hey...It's Ryan and Nancy's 9th anniversary too!

janice said...

When it's true, you're not bragging! Happy Birthday Chris, and many more.

Tsofah said...


How about imitating Bekah and sending your friends some of that hash brown casserole?

Wait. It might go bad.

How about imitating Bekah and POSTING the recipe for your hash brown casserole? (BIG SMILE)