Friday, January 15, 2010

Oxymoron for January: AT&T Service

My modem, or router, or whatever goes from my computer to my phone line, is producing a smell like burning wires. It still works, but it smells as if it might burst into flames at any moment.

So I call AT&T... I get some foreigner... No help. I call their "Store"... No help.

I may just pick up my email here at work and be done with it.

Blogging may be rare in the future.



Bekah said...

HOW I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I spent over a month - actually I think it was over two months - back in the late spring of 2009 arguing with them about it. Finally said FORGET IT and switched providers. Haven't had a moment's problem since.

Don't abandon us in blogland!! :)

SkyePuppy said...

I recommend cable internet...

Tsofah said...

Call during the daytime hours, and ask for an English speaking supervisor on US soil. (It can be done!). Then, get a new modem.

Not sure if I understand your description, but it sounds like the problem is from your 'puter, not the provider? If I'm wrong, please excuse?

Malott said...



That's cute.