Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking back on my 55th Year

The Good

1. Prayer and Fasting: I found new ways to honor God with my life. I developed new disciplines. My prayer life is much better... My thought-life is getting a little better. I still have issues, but I am confident that the Lord will deal with those in His time. I'm bearing personal fruit, and it's hard work. But I have joy in knowing that my feet are on the path. I'm never going back. I may fall back, but I'm not turning and walking back.

2. Helping my parents: They need me and I can give them security. It's wonderful.

3: Enjoying my sister and her family. Lisa is such a good woman.

4. My blog buddies: Skyepuppy, Tsofah, Janice, Christina, Miss Bekah, Grammy... And others that keep me entertained and connected.

5. Finding Doreen: My best friend from college... I found her happy and successful... And knowing that she remembers me fondly is such a joy.

6. My health: I can still run.

The bad

... Can't think of a thing.



Tsofah said...

Chris, is today your birthday? If so, I hope it is a happy, joyful day!

If not, I STILL hope it is a happy, joyful day!


Christina said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Hope your day is filled with all the things you love.

Bekah said...

EEEE!!! I'm on a list! Happy HAPPY HAPPY birthday my friend! I will resist the urge to sing to you tomorrow, because I want to keep your bad list empty. :)

SkyePuppy said...

Have the best of birthdays! I'm thankful for your blog-buddyhood (buddyship? buddyness?). Um, I'm glad to be your blogger buddy!

janice said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!