Saturday, January 09, 2016

Surely the Democrats Can Do Better

If Brian Williams, who lied about being forced down by enemy fire in a helicopter over Iraq, is deemed unworthy to be an anchorman...

Then surely Hillary Clinton, who lied about landing in Bosnia and running with her head down because of "sniper fire," is unworthy of the presidency.

She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary... She lied to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks.

I don't expect the Democrats to nominate a conservative.  But can't they find someone with at least a modicum of character?

Across the breadth of this nation I'll bet there are ten, maybe even eleven Democrats with more character than Hillary Clinton.



Bekah said...

All I've got is some major shaking of the head. Long, slow, shaking of the head. Sigh.


Grammy said...

They can do better - Bernie Sanders is a true idealogue. I don't support or agree with Bernie's European socialism, but at least he's honest about who he is. I also wonder if in the end he will turn out to be the nominee and harder to beat than Hillary.

Malott said...

Hi Bekah... that's exactly how I feel.

Hi Grammy... Except for her loyal African Americans, I believe Sanders would do a better job of mobilizing the Democrat base.