Friday, May 06, 2016

Living in a Red State has its Advantages

In a year in which Democrats nominated one of the most unlikable persons that ever walked the planet, the Trump voters decided that nominating someone even more unlikable was a good idea. 

Well the drunken night has run its course, the sun has risen, and Hillary Clinton is up 13 points over Trump... And Indiana is only leaning red.  Who saw that coming?

I can't stomach the Trump News Network (The News Network formerly known as Fox) so this morning I tuned in to MSNBC, where Rachael Maddow is so so so so happy.  The Democrats are like the Allies of World War II having learned that Hitler has committed suicide.

So a special thanks to Donald, Sarah, Jeff, Chris, Sean, Ann, Rush, Bill, Laura, the twits on Fox and Friends, Mitch, John, and the rest of the insipid Republican Establishment for their help in establishing the Democrats as the ruling Party in America for the next one hundred years.

So where was I going with this?

Oh yes, living in a red state has its advantages... and here it is:
There is no reason for me to sully myself by voting for Donald Trump.  If Trump needs my vote to win Indiana, then the swing states are already lost, and the election is already over.

Which it is.


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