Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Endorsement Should Surprise No One

Chris Christie wants to be president... He wants to be the first really big president since Howard Taft... And early in his campaign he could see that it wasn't going to happen... At least not in 2016.

He can't run against a sitting Republican president in 2020 and he doesn't want to wait eight years.

So when the candidate most likely to beat Hillary Clinton (Marco Rubio) ascends in Iowa, Christie savagely attacks him in the next debate.  When Rubio receives attention for attacking and rattling Trump in the February 25th debate, Christie jumps in the next day and endorses Trump, the candidate most likely to lose to Clinton.

Not likely, my theory?  We could ask Mitt Romney if he thinks Christie is capable of sabotaging another Republican's candidacy to enable his own future run.

For Chris Christie, it's all about Chris Christie.


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