Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Understanding the Christian Support of Donald Trump

There is a reason why so many believers in this country support Trump and it isn't pretty. 

Trump is pompous and arrogant... He uses filthy language.  His fame is a product of greed and a sinful American pop culture... A Hollywood entertainment system that is run by the enemies of God.

So why do moral, church-going Believers support this reprobate?

Idolatry.  The Bible tells us that we must not love the world system, and yet most of the Believers in this country, who deny themselves nothing... Are bathed, tutored, and inebriated in an entertainment culture that perverts and corrupts their fidelity to the Bridegroom.  I would argue that the vast majority of Believers in America are much more the bride of this world than the bride of Christ.

So is it surprising that when their security, their bank accounts, and their freedoms are threatened, they blindly embrace the cult of celebrity and seek the wisdom of the god most real in their lives?

Greed.  How many Believers backed Bill Clinton because he was good for their pocketbooks?

Ignorance, foolishness and a lack of Holy Leadership.  In this country of the rich, a holy man who empties himself of the world and is subsequently filled and led by the Holy Spirit into truth and wisdom... Just where is that guy?  Where is the guy that is fixated upon the pearl of great value that has cost him everything

The Christian Leaders in this country have found the small gate, but have no interest in the narrow way.  They are just like us... Which is why we hired them.

So when you have mastered compromise and rationalized the ingestion of every pollutant that cheers and entertains... When you have fashioned a more practical god that fits your lifestyle... you have the tools and know-how to unashamedly embrace The Donald.

My Conclusion:  The Christian support of Donald Trump is the sad reflection of our devotion to this world and our casual tolerance of the spiritual entity that runs it.




Grammy said...

Well...I certainly don't claim to be untainted by worldliness, but I can tell you that nothing Donald Trump or anyone else says will ever make me vote for him. Unholiness aside and on a purely secular level he is not a conservative. If he is the nominee - and I still cling to a belief that he won't be - I will just not vote because I don't believe we would be worse off with Hilary or Bernie at the helm than Trump. Republicans find the most ingenious ways to lose important elections, but this is the most diabolical. I am horrified that Trump has the support he appears to have down here in SC. I hope the polls either change or prove to be way off.

Malott said...

I feel the same way.
But if Trump can convince me that he feels strongly about putting strict constructionists on the Supreme Court, then I may vote for him if he makes it to the nomination. We know what Hillary will do.

But I don't know if Trump knows the difference between a strict constructionist and a judicial activist.

Grammy said...

You know what? If it comes down to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump I might just vote for Bernie because I want the Democrats to own the ensuing train wreck. Let's see how we like being Greece.

Grammy said...

To me the scary thing about Donald is that he is always "working" whoever he needs to achieve his personal goal. In today's case it's the Republican base. Once elected, who will he need to "work"? How can we know? At least we know it will be whoever serves his next personal goal when appointing judges.