Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys | MTV News

Not Made for White Guys

This video was created to cast a bad light - not upon white guys, but rather conservative white guys.  Conservative white guys are the target here... And also angry white guys who are assumed to be conservative.

It's interesting that Kanye West was also demoted to the stature of white guys because he visited with Donald Trump after the election.  Well, he should know better.

The tendency is to ignore this kind of stupidity, but you have to realize that the ignorant, developing minds of many young people are absorbing this stuff as some kind of deep and meaningful truth that the rest of us are just too blind to see.

You see this kind of thing and it almost makes you miss the days of "Up With People."  (Well maybe not)

The entertainment industry in this country has been pushing this kind of honorless, iconoclastic, immoral bilge upon a willing audience since its first success with Saturday Night Live 40 years ago.  When I was young and ignorant I loved it. 

It now saturates all of entertainment and it's not going to change.  All responsible adults can do is laugh at it and call it what it is.


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