Thursday, May 05, 2016

 Quote of the Day

Trump won’t win. And his loss, and Hillary’s presidency, will be the fault of the people who nominated him. It is outrageous and dishonest to blame Trump’s loss on the very people who warned you for months that he would lose. The fact that Trump is roundly despised, mocked and dismissed by the general electorate is not a new revelation. It’s been the case since his announcement speech, and for many years before that. The blame for President Hillary falls on those who ignored this reality, not on the ones who’ve been shouting desperately about it since July.
Speaking of which, please take a bow, Sean Hannity.  Also, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, etc. These paragons of conservatism worked tirelessly for many months to destroy their movement and assure a Hillary Clinton presidency. This morning, their victory on both counts is all but assured. We should congratulate them on their achievement, and, out of respect for their tireless efforts, we should be sure to remember their names and what they did. I imagine Hillary Clinton and the DNC are writing personalized thank you notes to every Trump shill on cable news and talk radio as we speak. They deserve the recognition. Truly, no one has done more to advance the Democrat cause than Sean Hannity and his fellow Trump lickspittles.
--Matt Walsh


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