Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Rulers, The Authorities, And The Powers

There was a time when I regularly watched Bill O'Reilly talk about the world's problems for an hour without ever mentioning the Enemy or our Lord.  Bill obviously doesn't know what is really going on.   But my heart is so earthbound that I regularly fall prey to the fantasies of the false teachers and the ignorant and actually work up an anger against men with whom I know I do not struggle.

But when I push myself away from the world's table long enough to sober up from the alcohol of entertainment... When I empty myself of network television and am subsequently filled with you know Who... When I discard the habits of the rich man and embrace the life of the poor man, say... In rural China,  who can afford neither television nor the antenna to receive its signal... When I live the life I was created to live between earth and God... then I actually feel the peace the Bible promises.

Even before death there is a price to pay for loving the world... the world inspired and run by the rulers, the authorities, and the powers.  Even before death there is a price to pay for inviting the enemies of God into your home and heart. 

Peace is better, and its abundance or meagerness identifies that which I love and portends my future.


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