Friday, March 04, 2016

Mitt Romney's Speech

I don't know Mr. Romney, but I'm guessing that he may be a guy that loves to say I told you so... Come next November that is exactly what he will be saying. 

Romney performed a humanitarian service for those poor gullible people who think that in Donald Trump they have latched on to a bold and brilliant savior and sure thing. 

As soon as The Donald secures the nomination, FOX News and unenthusiastic Republican politicians will be the only positive voices supporting Trump... And it won't be nearly enough.  Every foreign policy expert, every economist, every newspaper, every celebrity, every pundit, late night host and comedian will be calling Trump out as an extremely dangerous empty suit and they will have ample video to prove it.   By the time they're done, even the low information Trump Zombies will stay home on election day and the rest of us who see the disaster looming... The landslide for Hillary and the loss of our majorities in both houses... We will be expected to dutifully go to the polls and try to save something... Anything.

With the loss of the Supreme Court and the Conservatives in Congress, nothing will stop the Democrat Congress from  gun legislation, Book of Romans Hate Speech legislation, and immigration legislation that allows Illegals to vote. 

So thank you Mr. Romney for softening the blow and preparing us for the end of those things we hold most dear.


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