Tuesday, April 18, 2006

State Action on Illegals

This week we have seen the governor of Georgia sign state legislation cracking down on illegal aliens.

And in the same week we see the governor of Arizona veto a similar bill.

Maybe this is the way to go. If our brave President, Congressmen, and Senators are too busy kissing illegal rear ends to follow the will of the people, then maybe our state legislatures can. (And by-the-by, I figure the illegals will go where they feel they are most welcome... and will receive the best benefits... which sounds like the blue states to me!)

I suppose the problem would be finding a way around all those limp-wristed simpering Federal Judges who would seek to throw a wrench into our little plan, but it might send a message to Washington that even our bumbling Federal Nincompoops might understand.

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Anonymous said...

Unlike Europe, US is blessed with receiving a majority of Roman Catholic immigrants from
Latin America that are culturally compatible. I believe the best thing is to legalize and regulate their movement and accept as many good hard working people from that group to become citizens.
Nativism only delays their assimilation. Probably Arizona is right.