Thursday, April 06, 2006

Profiling Stupidity

Malott's Blog is guilty! ...Guilty, I tell you!

I obviously can't keep my annoying, liberal, African-American Congresswomen straight.

Thanks to Andrew's amazing research skills, I now know that it was Sheila Jackson Lee, shown here on the... well she's one of the two ladies shown here, who asked, when the pictures were coming back from Mars, "Will it go over to where the astronauts planted the flag?" I would have bet my left leg that it was Cynthia McKinney who said it, shown here in the red... or possibly the brown.

As you probably remember, it was Cynthia McKinney, shown here... beside the flag, who recently made headlines by striking a Capitol Hill Security guy with her cell phone.

Andrew, not pictured here, never fails to impress.

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Andrew said...

"Andrew, not pictured here..."

I appreciate you making that clear to your readers.