Friday, April 07, 2006


From Hugh Hewitt's interview of Mark Steyn, Steyn says of the immigration comprimise:

I think my ideal compromise would be that all 300 million of us legal residents and citizens get to become undocumented, too, because I think the undocumented guys have a great deal. They're living in the shadows, so-called. They're not paying any taxes. If they have to produce I.D. for anything, they produce fake I.D. that gets accepted everywhere, they get their free health care and free schools. Personally, as a legal immigrant, I feel overdocumented. And I do think there is a danger that this particular issue can backfire very badly, and that it's essentially rewarding bad behavior without showing that that bad behavior will stop in the future.

Amnesty is the compromise and will only result in a need for future amnesties. There is supposed to be a wall involved in this legislation but when all is said and done the wall will probably be compromised away... along with, perhaps, the Republicans' majority in the House and Senate.

Yesterday I watched as the brave Senators announced their compromise. I heard both sides speak and I was struck by this thought:
The Democrats know how to lead. They lead in the wrong direction, but they know how to lead.


Christina said...

I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Steyn. I'm tired of playing by the rules and getting punished for it, while millions of illegal aliens get to benefit from America by breaking all the rules. This issue is so completely frustrating to me.

SkyePuppy said...

The Democrats know how to lead.

And so far, the Republicans in Congress only know how to whine.

Larry Head said...

They Day I see TRUE leadership from a Democrat is the Day I become a communist. Leadership is more tha being obstructionist. Leadership requires vision and strength of Characther. Few Dem's even understand the latter an fewer yet have the former