Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Daylight Savings Time

I live in Indiana and for the first time in my memory we are trying on DST to see if we like it.

I hate it. As an early riser I find that my daylight hours have been shortened.

Later this month as I finish my two-mile walk down on the high school track at about 0500 or 0510 the light should just be coming up in the eastern sky. This year it will still be dark. And in early summer when I should be going to bed with the sun, I will be dealing with sunlight coming through my window. (Thanks Governor.) At 0530 I sometimes pull weeds in my garden before getting ready for work... but not this year. And saddest of all, there will be no morning devotions outside on the patio while the birds provide a soundtrack to the psalms. I'll be inside with the light on.

Daylight Savings Time encourages sloth... people sleeping in until 6, 7, maybe even 8AM. It encourages people to stay out later, driving up the price of gasoline, shopping, drinking, and chasing women.

For me they have it backwards. We should move our clocks ahead in October. The sun would get up at 0900 when I've already been at work for two hours. And friends, even in the dead of winter darkness should never come at 5PM.

Yes, I think we all know DST is destructive and evil. I may get used to it, but the first three days have been just terrible.


SkyePuppy said...


I can't say I relate to your predicament. I tried getting up early to pray, but I kept getting strange red marks on my face from falling asleep on my hands.

Finally I learned to wait until after I took my shower before I prayed (or did anything that required mental activity). But then when the big Northridge earthquake hit while I was on my knees in prayer, I took that as a sign from God that prayer time should be in the evening.

So Daylight Savings Time works just fine for me. And it is of God.

All_I_Can_Stands said...

I have no sympathy for all you early risers who make the rest of us look bad. ;)

janice said...

Oh Chris, I couldn't agree with you more. I hate DST, it takes my body 2 months to get used to it and I've grown up with this, and I've always hated it. In October when we get an extra hour to sleep because we leap ahead, I am all dis-oriented but for only a few days.

Christina said...


Having lived on the liberal East Coast for the first 17 years of my life, I always observed DST. I thought everyone did. Ahhhh...youthful ignorance.

Then I moved to your neck of the woods (or more aptly, cornfields) and discovered the beauty of not observing DST. It really did make things simpler. Never mind that I had to remember the time difference when calling home...that was easy.

Then that crazy nephew of yours married me and took me to the frigid northern regions of Indiana, which still didn't observe DST, but being so much closer to Michigan and Chicago, the tv programming changed from Eastern to Central when the rest of the world was observing DST.

Now, we have been forced to observe DST. I know that Skyepuppy (who I otherwise greatly respect) thinks that DST is "Of God". All I know is that DST started on Sunday for us and my dear baby girl started vomitting and has been having severe gastrointestinal issues ever since then. DST has not been good for us.

I also don't think it's natural for the sun to be up until 8:00 pm this time of year. It's just weird. Of course, regardless of when the sun comes up, I refuse to wake up before 6:00 am if I can help it. 8:00am is much nicer....