Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I still like Sandra Bullock better... And when Sandra and this woman, like me, are 56 years old, Sandra will probably still look cute in a bikini... Like me.

You just don't see pictures of older women covered in tatoos... Probably because it's really a disgusting sight.



Christina said...

Oh so lovely...oh wait...NOT!

Sorry, but I just don't understand that. I don't even like the style of furniture or clothing that I picked two years ago, let alone something I would choose at, say, 25, for the rest of my life.

I "get" the idea of a tatoo for a sailor who does it as a rite of passage or to be part of the group, but just as body art...not so much.

Tsofah said...

When I go to try on clothes when I'm shopping, I tend to ask another woman in the dressing room how the blouse, dress, jeans, etc. look on me. (instead of going out to ask my hubby). The reason is, I find another woman will answer me truthfully. My hubby tends to think I look good in everything.

As a "fellow woman", I feel I should do the honorable thing and be honest about Mr. James' "other woman".

Perhaps my view of what looks nice on a woman and what isn't is outdated, BUT...

this ain't it.

janice said...


I'll never understand why someone would want to endure the pain and prejudice.