Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Poo and Spring

Well it's unseasonably warm in Indiana, and I got out my 25-year-old Troy-Bilt tiller... it started right up... and tilled about a third of my garden (it tilled beautifully to a powder). I planted Green Ice leaf lettuce (for wilted lettuce), two varieties of spinach, kale (my favorite green), a double row of Little Marvel Peas, and a patch of Collard greens.

My fingernails are filthy and I'm in Heaven.

If you've read my blog much, you know that I am very humble and not one to brag... But I am a fantastic gardener. No... I'm the perfect gardener... Well... ... ... Yes, perfect.

I'm so excited... So very pleased with myself. I love my garden. I may sleep there tonight.



SkyePuppy said...

I'm so jealous of the Troy-Bilt tiller. I always wanted one of them.

Enjoy your greens and the warm weather.

Bekah said...

take a got colder once the sun went down!!

Grammy said...

Your post title almost goes unnoticed. But I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention.

Tsofah said...

Grammy: LOL!

Malott: It's not a perfect garden unless it has tomatoes. It's almost perfect with the addition of wilted lettuce. But, gotta have tomatoes! (BIG SMILE)