Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time to Blame

"You caused me to do this."

No Cho - this happened because you were an evil, selfish, pathetic little piece of crap. That's why you did it. There is no deep psychological reason. There is no romantic or tragic story at play. You were a despicable little loser. Period.

Parents of a Virginia Tech student expressed outrage Monday at what they call an inadequate response by college brass to the worst mass-murder shooting in American history.

John and Jennifer Shourds of Lovettsville, Va. demanded the immediate firings of University President Charles Steger and Virginia Tech Campus Police Chief W.R. Flinchum who he said "screwed up" the handling of separate shooting incidents that left 33 students dead, including the shooter.

I'd be willing to bet my left leg that these parents, whose daughter was unharmed, are liberal Democrats.

So let the feeding frenzy begin. The media won't be satisfied until they make Cho a cult hero and usher the Virginia Tech officials to the unemployment office.


cringing2 said...

His behaviour is like the behaviour of the US elite on a global scale.

cringing2 said...

American culture has produced a particular type of macho over-assertive aggressive male who believes that might is always right and that the way to decide a disagreement is to beat down your opponent either verbally or physically.

This type is found in other cultures as well but nowhere is it the national archetype as it is in the United States. The violent aggressive male is the central character in most Hollywood movies. He makes his way in the world by killing with firearms or any other weapon and usually emerges as the hero no matter how much blood is shed.

Even debating with American academic colleagues I was often offended by the way they would settle even complex intellectual disagreements by simply shouting me down. And many Americans have told me they consider non-violent European males, who do not show loud-mouthed assertiveness, to be merely effeminate.

Winning at all costs, even using violence if they have to, is a central American theme. It is not surprising then, given this constant exposure to the approval of male violence in American life and culture that the US has so much violent crime. How could it not have?

This machismo is not limited to individuals. It extends to the US government itself. Its record since the Second World War has been one long sequence of military actions over smaller and weaker nations with colossal loss of life. What is so surprising about the Americans is not that they have so many enemies, but that they have any friends at all.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Bush visited VT so soon is because VT's president is a huge republic donor and the kids all have rich parents.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Cho was a Korean national, correct? Sure he was a permanent legal resident, but a Korean national none the less. Please exlplain to me, cringe, how your little rant is relevant to anything that Malott posted? Also explain to me why, if the US is so evil and wicked, that so many foreigners send their children here to be educated? And why is there such a problem with illegal aliens (and legal aliens over staying their visas). Why does everyone want to be here if it such a bad place?

Maybe you should quit watching American television and movies and talk to some real americans?


Mad Grandma said...

Well, I suppose you're happy, too, that a paranoid schizophrenic was sentenced to death in Texas, no? The case is before the SC today.

Why part of "mentally ill" don't you understand?

The worst evil is that of so-called leaders (ostensibly "sane") in the WH who have destroyed a country for no reason, and are "working hard" on destroying the US as well.

cringing2 said...

"Why does everyone want to be here if it such a bad place"

More pertinently, why do you and so many of your ilk believe that that is actually the case?

Most of the world's people don't. And certainly, very few of the western world does. Why would we?

Much of what you believe of your country is 100% bullshit. Propaganda.

Which is my point all throughout this and the other blogs. Until you people recognize who you are, you won't change your ways. Your ways are leading the world to a very very bad place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, cringe, but you are the one falling for the propaganda. I live here, was educated here and I am raising my family here. I work with europeans as well as mid and far easterners. They are here because they believe that their best chance for success is here in the states (same as me). Some are here because of the persecution of their home countries.

Face it, cringe. This is the greatest country on the face of the earth and the last best hope for most of the people. Sure we have a few nut jobs. But what country doesn't.

And is democracy really such a bad place?


cringing2 said...

"Face it, cringe. This is the greatest country on the face of the earth and the last best hope for most of the people"

The greatest country on earth eh?

Do you have any idea of how arrogant and childish that sounds? The fact that you work with a few Europeans and others who chose to go there is hardlly evidence of anything other than that they wanted to be there. And good luck to them, but they are not representative.

The US comes in very low in most financial and social indicators these days. You are the world's biggest debtor nation after all.

As far as owning democracy goes? Well that is just more simplistic arrogant childishness. There are many better functioning democracies. Nobody can claim to own it.

And guess what? Imposing your economic imperatives on foreign peoples is decidedly UNdemocratic. That is self-evident. US foreign policy is not about democracy or freedom. The reality is clearly divorced from the rhetoric. Anyone can and could see it, if they weren't practising selfdelusion.

Your own democracy, however you look at it (except through stars and stripes glasses like this little lot of unquestioning nationalists here) is suffering. Before you know it, you'll have domestic tyranny.

Your constitution is under assault by your own elites. Your rights are being eroded, your press freedom has gone and your civil society is more militarized than Nazi Germany was.

The 30%ers are calling for the execution of thought criminals for gawds sake. Is this a free society when people even joke about this stuff?

Any person who opposes violent war on a defenceless population is somehow a traitor? This is fascism.

janice said...

Oh cringe, you sound so very, very envious. And angry I might add.
I know I don't want a non-violent european man in my life. American women love a strong man. Nope, no eurotrash man for me. Sorry, that was name calling huh?

Before you get angrier or resort to violence, you'd better go get in line to get your socialized meds and take them, soon.

Have a great day and remember, God loves you too!

cringing2 said...

Right on cue. What delicious irony (English language meaning, not the dumbed down American misinterpretation).

You're a basket case jihadist Janice. Your taste in men concerns me not one iota.

janice said...

Hey cringe, take a look at our unemployment rate. It makes the europeans envious of this greatest nation on Gods green earth.

What would europe look like if not for the blood and treasure of America? Your "non-violent men" of europe sure tried to rid this world of Jews, gays and gypsies.

No, your assessment of my nation "concerns me not one iota" your anger and envy speaks for itself. Don't critique this country until you've eliminated the ills of your nanny state utopia that is now europe.

Mojo_Risin said...

But back to the post:

These parents have a right to be pissed. From what I've heard, there was no warning of any kind for two hours that a madman was patrolling the campus. Of course, I blame Cho for the killings (or his mental instability--whichever you want), but either the police on campus or the university officials HAD to do something to warn the students of the danger!

And when they finally sent out that email 2 hours later, it only said that poilice were investigating a homicide -- no warnings, no mention of more possible danger. At the least, they could have cancelled classes for the day and asked students to stay in their dorms.