Monday, April 16, 2007

Christmas for GOP and Talk Radio

DENVER - Sen. John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) reopened the door to a possible 2008 presidential campaign during a book signing in Denver and then again, in an interview with 9NEWS.
The 2004 Democratic nominee told a crowd of more than 250 at the Tattered Cover bookstore in lower downtown Denver that he had no desire to endorse any candidate for the office right now, choosing to wait to see how they addressed the issue of global warming.

I hope the Dems remain true to their love affair with man-made global warming. I hope John Kerry enters the race in 2008. I hope the temps in Miami remain 10 degrees cooler than normal throughout the summer. I hope the Democrat Party continues to designate the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as the annointed spokesmen for African Americans... until every African American Democrat throws up. I hope "hos" with straight hair approach Imus - asking for equal time. I hope that John Edwards continues to boycot Fox News so that I will see less of him. I hope Mrs Clinton's buttocks continues to grow until it is a metaphor for "big government."

Thank you.


SkyePuppy said...

The metaphor has started already. There is a big divide between right and left...

Malott said...

Yes, two huge schools of thought - separated by a hugh crevasse.

But whose movement will win the day?

cringing2 said...

From outside of Amerrka, there is little between the "sides". It is between the very right wing and the extreme right wing.

Both are imperialist, both are neoliberal, both are prowar, both are zionists, both are antiUN and believe the USrael is above international law.

Neither of them seem to give a damn about their constituents or the people of the world.

Your system has failed under the weight of corporatism and corruption.

SkyePuppy said...


You really need to grow yourself a sense of humor (granted, this one is bad), or you'll end up being the butt of jokes.

Pray tell, whose system has succeeded, so we may look there for inspiration?

cringing2 said...

uoiztI'll let the attempt at insult go. Most of the western world has better functioning democracies than America, but all are under threat.

There is no perfect system obviously, but to hear you people talk about Democrats as being far left etc etc etc is frankly laughable.

The 2 major parties are so close to each other as to be almost indistinguishable and on a global scale are far right. There really isn't much further right to go than the incumbents. They are radicals, not conservatives.

Either party will spend your democracy into oblivion if they don't blow up the world beforehand.

You can't afford your empire and you can't have a democracy with an empire. It is just common sense.

The Republicans of Reagan and both Bushes are the most fiscally irresponsible administrations in history and it stems from their imperial designs.

Malott said...


Imperial designs?

If we had imperial designs we would "off" everyone in Iraq and Iran and take their oil. We wouldn't be losing our sons and daughters to protect the innocents in Iraq.

The UN is made up of tyrants and a few weak socialist states. I don't care what a group of self-serving criminal regimes think of us and I don't care what they call International law. Perhaps you've heard of the corruption in the UN?

Please tell me what country you are from so that I can tell you how you have benefitted from this country you hate.

I'm sorry if you're in some way poor... But hating America isn't going to help.

Malott said...


It is little people that envy and hate that are laughable.

SkyePuppy said...


I think C2 is from Australia. Off the top of my head, it's a little harder to make a case for what we've done for them, other than general world order. Though, we did get the UN started and keep it funded all this time, and since C2 seems to appreciate that august body, he should also appreciate our cash funneled in that direction.

Back on the subject, Australia has the advantage of distance to help insulate it from some of the troubles that plague other countries. That's an advantage America once had, before Orville and Wilbur invented their little flying machine and made the world so much smaller.

America has the military budget for the world, and our military budget allows all those lovely Western European socialist countries to ignore their own military needs and to use their tax dollars instead on paying old people and indigents and deadbeats.

But the ride will be over soon, because they all bought into the zero-population-growth mantra, and they're going to be running out of money to support the deadbeats, at the same time they're being run over by outside populations that don't want to assimilate and that want to turn those nice European countries into the places the foreigners came from.

But America should just butt-out, because the rest of the world will be much more successful without us and our militaristic right-wing-exremist poison.

Sorry for the rant, Chris, but I needed it. Feel free to add what I left out, because I'm sure I missed plenty.

Malott said...


No... I think you hit just about everything.


cringing2 said...

Well Mallot, the Iraqi Hydrocarbon law, which both the US parties are demanding that the puppet Iraqi government push through parliament is, in fact, theft of their oil reserves.

That you are belicosely threatening Iran, for no legal or moral reason is but more evidence. Iran has actually done nothing not in accordance with international law.

Your narrative is that the 737 US military bases in 130 countries is providing "stability", which relies on your fantasy that your political elites are entirely angelic and practice only goodwill upon others.

This is of course, utter fantasy.

That you rail against "liberals" and their evil ways one one hand, suggesting that they should be murdered for their ideological stance, and then on the other hand hold that all US actions in the world are borne of purity, clearly can't be true.

This holding of 2 or more self defeating concepts is called "cognitive dissonance" and is a symptom of people who can only follow.

SP, would that the US would put some of its defence budget to work involving the promotion of life and the lot of the world's poorest, as opposed to its current use in search of death and destruction, then the world would be a safer place.

Your view of my relative safety is laughable. Buy yourself an atlas and think again. If you wish to be treated with respect, don't be so assinine. Could you even find Australia on a map?

Judging from your pathetic cry for help of a blog I doubt it.

You are not the wealthiest people on Earth by a long shot. Your musings on my situation are very very misguided. I understand your need to feel superior in some small way, but that won't work.

cringing2 said...

Oh and Skypuppy, you European economics lesson is pure fantasy promoted by the islamophobic fear merchants.

It is actually the US economy which is most at risk. You with your limited knowledge of anything, won't be fooling an economist about these things anytime soon.

I live for part of the year in Europe, and what you are told and spout yourselves is divorced from reality. Like most of your "beliefs".

SkyePuppy said...


Australia is that big white thing just to the right of Canada, hence the isolation.

And I happen to like my "pathetic cry for help of a blog" just fine, thank you. Where's your blog, you coward?

You have all the answers. You have all the compassion. You have the only valid perspective of the world and how it works and should work.

So I'll just go back to studying anatomy now (cartography is for later) and leave you with your pompous arrogance to keep you company.

cringing2 said...

SP, I'm not surprized somehow that you think that courage is linked to an internet presence. You're a classic chickenhawk character.

Wishing death on people you don't know or understand over the internet is courageous indeed.

Australia's closest neighbour is the biggest muslim nation on earth BTW.

Do keep up.

Pretty much any critical thinker knows that US militarism and the spending thereon is a recipe for disaster.

George Washington and Dwight Eisenhauer would agree I'm sure.

I don't pretend to have any monopoly on compassion or anything else. That you say I do reflects on your childish intellect and undeveloped emotional intelligence level. It isn't uncommon amongst your right wing "christian" followers.

Its part of the whole deal. They discourage critical thinking, promote racism, deny rationality and take your money.

SkyePuppy said...


I regret having resorted to name-calling. I try not to do that. Please forgive me.

And yes, I've been aware for YEARS that Indonesia is the country with the highest Muslim population in the world.

You misunderstand and mischaracterize much of what I've said, and you've failed to recognize humor or satire for what it is. You make blanket accusations against Christians, when we are not a homogeneous, single-minded group. You've made assumption upon assumption about who I am and what I know, and any attempts to engage you in civil conversation just brings more assumptions and accusations. You really are a difficult person to deal with.

I don't know if you enjoy being difficult, if you don't realize you come across that way, or if you just don't care because you see Christian Americans as sub-human. It doesn't really matter, because--again--I give up trying to talk to you. It's not worth the trouble.

May you find peace in your heart. I wish you well.

cringing2 said...

"any attempts to engage you in civil conversation"

Well, I must have missed that. I've seen no attempt at discussion of issues, just accusations of "america hate" interspersed with Mallot's idiotic and spurious arrogant assumptions about Amerrrka's place in the order of things.

Stick to the issue, rather than play silly rhetorical games, and you'll find me very receptive to discussion.

If you insult me, I will be rude back to you. If you lie, I will tell you that you are a liar.

Mallott and AICS are common liars. It isn't rocket science.

Jacob said...

How did you become so politically eloquent and sharp with your use of humour!??

"Hillary Clinton has a fat ass" is such a cogent and well thought-out riposte to her policy positions. Marvellous work, as usual. Ann Coulter must be green with envy.

Mojo_Risin said...

You are very funny, Malott. Thank God I wore a belt, otherwise my sides would have split. You are the premier satirist on the Web today. brilliant...?