Friday, December 30, 2005

Two Nations

Ah the ways of the flesh... we lazily oversimplify the complex, but our greater tendency is to take the simplest truth and beat it to death with analysis.

Is intellect over-rated? I would argue that it has to be, because it is both inconsequential to our eternal standing and is most often wasted on all that will pass away. I believe there is intellectual equity in the spiritual realms in that our brains are simply the instruments we use to express the decisions of our hearts... suggesting that humility and pride are the best measuring sticks of the concious and unconcious soul.

So here I argue that there are two nations occupying our fifty states. One is composed of the followers of "The Way" and their sidlers. (sidler...a Seinfeld reference) The other is composed of the rejecters of Christ and their sidlers. The sidlers are clueless and lost in cultural distractions, but share general values, identities, and traditions with their respective nations. However the "principals" have made "the decision" in a battle that is older than human creation... started among fallen and faithful spiritual forces of an older world.

Can our experience be reduced to good versus evil? Well I think its always has been that simple... and that complex. It is a battle whose nature is as varied as the number of human hearts, but it is the single undercurrent to every aspect of human existence.

As we say in Greentown, you can't tell the players without a program. But if you're tuned-in to the program the cultural and political landscape becomes a fascinating and instructive window into what is really going on out there... and reveals our responsibilities as consumers and voters.

I believe the simplest mind that is tuned-in to God's program can look out upon our culture and determine what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy... and what is not. Its as simple as that.

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