Friday, December 30, 2005

Justice for Ms. Lin and Family

Almost 27 years ago when Stanley "Tookie" Williams visited the Brookhaven Motel in Los Angeles he left with approximately 100 stolen dollars. He also left part of the face of Yu-Chin Lin, a 43-year-old female Taiwanese immigrant, splattered across the room... which can happen when a shotgun is fired at close range. Also murdered were Ms. Lin's 76-year-old father and 63-year-old mother. Here is a picture of a man at the Tookie vigil at San Quenton on December 12th holding up a forensic picture of the portion of Ms. Lin's face that was left intact.

Witnesses testified that Tookie, when talking with friends, referred to these immigrants as "Budhha-Heads."

I know that this picture is disturbing but words fail to describe an ugliness such as this. I figure the MSM keeps pictures like this away from us for a reason... they want passions inflamed in support of their pet issues... not against them. Its probably the same reason that we no longer see images from 9/11... and no movie has been made with planes flying into towers, people jumping from burning towers, people burning to death, and towers collapsing... etc. Scenes like that might stir up support for the war on terror and benefit the president's popularity.

Anyway, I hope that Mr Williams at least privately felt remorse and made peace with God over these pointless murders.

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