Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fiesta Brady

Forgive me, but its been a slow news week...

I found this tidbit about my favorite college quarterback from my favorite college football team in the Sun Times:

Quarterback, No. 10, Notre Dame, 6-3, 232 pounds, junior

Essential demeanor: Bright and polite; an Abercrombie model with a deadly gun.
Born: Oct. 27, 1984 (the weekend rookie Michael Jordan began regular-season play for the Bulls).
Father: Ty, a home developer, never played football past high school.
Mother: Robin, a homemaker-plus, ran track vs. the boys at a small high school in northern Ohio.
High school: Dublin (Ohio) Coffman.
First award: In 1991, first grade, ''Most organized desk.''
First QB job: In 1993, age 9, the Wildcats, Dublin Football League (junior division).
Began serious weight training: In 1997, seventh grade.
Draws great inspiration from: The Bible.
Doesn't drink: Soda pop (even diet).
In high school: Skyrocketed after new coach introduced crisp pass-oriented offense in his junior year.
In college: Skyrocketed after new coach introduced crisp pass-oriented offense in his junior year.
College recruiting irony: A Methodist, he was recruited by Tyrone Willingham, a Methodist, to play at the grand Roman Catholic football emporium.
Ecumenical note: His father is a Roman Catholic.
Number of Notre Dame All-Americans from Ohio: 14, including Harry Stuhldreher (Massillon), Alan Page (Canton) and Bob Golic (Willowick). Most recent: Frank Stams (Akron), 1988.
Biggest strengths: Confidence; high level and rapid response of his football IQ; variety of balls he throws.
Biggest weakness: Sometimes talks too fast, especially to expanding media mass.
Beyond his ears, friends fear: A career-ending injury to his finely-hinged frame.
Is he ready for the NFL?: Were the Beatles ready for ''Ed Sullivan''?
Most compelling argument for playing next year at Notre Dame: Vague notion of placating echoes.
Most compelling argument for moving to the NFL: Irretrievable earning year, accelerated chance to continue closing in on QB legends.
Without him this season: Notre Dame struggles to be 4-7.

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