Thursday, May 03, 2007

G. Beck Uncovers Muslim Plot to Silence Dissent in America

File this under "It will never happen here..."


janice said...

The American people are on their own in this fight. We can't even get the dems to admit the enemy is in Iraq let alone here in the United States.

May I suggest a book?
"Age of Tolerance, A Novel of Alternate History, From Al to Allah" by Glen Reinsford.

I just reread it and it's scary how close we are to having our culture and country disappear.

Mojo_Risin said...

I'll just file it under "Bombastic Xenophobic Paranoia".

A few points:
1. The headline to this post is a little misleading. There was no uncovering done here by Bleck... because he came up with no proof--only a few possibly tangential pieces of circumstantial evidence linking ONE of the Imams to charity groups that, as he says, "HAVE BEEN SUSPECTED" of having ties to terrorist groups. As we've seen in some court cases like this, those suspicions can turn out completely wrong.
2. Blech makes no case for a "Plot to silence dissent" by Muslims. Seems he thinks that if nobody else is telling this half-baked story that he made up, then that's evidence enough of a plot to silece dissent.
3. Several statements by Belch clarify, to me at least, that he doesn't care if Muslims are peaceful or not--they're Muslims and therefore have no place in our culture. Things like "we'll have to worry about separation of mosque and state" rather than separation of church and state. That has nothing to do with terrorism, but only a fear of another religion.
4. One piece of evidence that he "uncovers" and claims is damning is the fact that he used to belong to a Muslim group who had in their philosophy that "governments should eventually be Islamic." First, that's fairly innocuous--I mean, most Christians would say the same thing regarding their own religion, that governments should eventually be Christian, and will be so during the Millennium. The group's philosophy statement, as related by Belloq, does not advocate a holy war to bring about such a change, only that they should "eventually" be Muslim.

I'm against both notions myself.