Monday, May 14, 2007

Daily Liberal Doctrine and Its Propaganda

As a public service to our massive audience, the entire staff at Malott's Blog will endeavor to point out one directive from the Liberal Playbook almost every day... Until I lose interst in doing so, or run out of ideas... Whichever comes first.

Here is a chunk of them that gets me through Wednesday:

1) When honest debate undercuts your career, your agenda, or your secular gods... Jettison honest debate.

2) Public School and College must be defended at all cost from Conservative and Christian Thought... For they are the secular "Sunday Schools" - the Indoctrination Grounds - the Cathedrals that must train the Evangelists and Priests of the Left.

3) "Truth" is always presented subject to interpretation and academic manipulation, except when it involves the foundations of Liberal Doctrine. Then, and only then, is truth in any way independent or sacrocanct.

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