Monday, May 14, 2007

The Clinton Crack-Up
The Boy-President's Life after the White House
by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr

He is one of the most preposterous figures in American political history. Read the book, from my crashing of his 60th birthday party—that would be Chapter I—to his endless girl hopping—that would be every chapter in the book—to his scheming to get back in the White House, he makes amusing and instructive copy.

He senses that he has failed as a President—there are many examples of this in the book. Hence you see his angry outbursts in the book. But he also, being a sociopath, cannot perceive that he has done anything wrong. Hence his denunciations of prosecutors and his two hundred pardons and commutations to felons. I list them in the book. It is an astounding list of scoundrels, but Clinton lacks the probity to recognize this.

Easy money. Write another book about the Clintons' outrageous lives... (And why should anyone doubt you?) ...and people will line up to buy it.

In what ways is Clinton a sociopath? Is Hillary one as well?

Well, neither knows right from wrong. They lie when they don't have to and tell whoppers when a little white lie would be perfectly adequate. That gets them into trouble. As I report in the book no first couple ever attracted so many prosecutors, cops, criminal lawyers. At one point they had the entire Supreme Court engaged, and the Senate and the United States House of Representatives, the FBI, the Justice Department, who knows, possibly even the CIA and Russian intelligence? You will recall that I report that the “phone sex” between Lewinsky and Clinton were all taped by foreign intelligence agencies and might be released at any point, a particularly dramatic point might be during Hillary’s run for the White House.

I believe I am the first to report on how really wretched his health has become. He has burned the candle at both ends and it has left him a wreck. Again recall the Clinton I encountered at his birthday party. That is not a healthy man.

This couple... This national embarrassment... I wish we could just forget them. But they just won't go away.

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