Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Collective Barganing Doesn't Work for Government Employees

On Fox News today I heard an excellent reason why state and federal employees shouldn't be represented by unions. I wish I could credit the guy by name, but I didn't catch it.

He said that government employees have a monopoly on services... That if Chrysler had a strike, he could purchase a car from Toyota... But if government employees strike, there is nowhere else to go for services.

When teachers unionize... Or air-traffic controllers... Or city workers that remove snow from the streets... The threat of a strike takes on a dimension that is not seen in the world of competition. Unionized employees in the private sector are limited by supply and demand, prices, and competition. But government workers have no competition... The public that hires them is basically at the mercy of the unions.

If you choose to work for the government, whether it's the military, or teaching, or the county road crew, you should give up the right to collectively bargain... Or look elsewhere for work.


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SkyePuppy said...

Excellent point. The reason I heard (I think it was quoting George Meany of the AFL-CIO from the days before public sector unions) was that in the private sector, unions are fighting to get more of the profits to go to the workers who helped create those profits. In the public sector, unions are fighting to get more money out of the taxpayers. There aren't any profits.

Either way you look at it, public sector unions are a horrible idea.