Saturday, February 12, 2011

Father TV

I believe it could be reasonably argued that when Satan captured Hollywood, much of the American Church was appropriated at the same time. Ozzie and Harriet... meet Will and Grace.

But that's not what I'm concerned about right now. Right now I'm concerned about America's regional accents.

We used to be a country of regions, with rich and varied accents and dialects. Television has changed much of that. Children are not raised by families and communities any more... They are raised by networks. Networks all sound the same, and children will naturally speak like the controlling authorities that raise them.

Some day in the not-so-distant future, no one will sound like a slack-jawed inbred from Stinking Creek, Tennessee. How poorer for it we will all be.



Grammy said...
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Grammy said...

Oh, but people do speak with their regional accents. The one I don't get is cajun. I can mimic pretty much any accent - at least in my own estimation - except cajun. I know that the Cajun equivalent of Bubba is Boudreaux. Maybe it will make you feel better to spend a little time reading Boudreax jokes. Boudreaux say "Click on dat link ting down dere."

2/13/2011 3:27 PM