Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's About the White Woman

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the House floor Tuesday night to criticize what she called a "demeaning" Pepsi ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

"In this month of African-American history where we're trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that Pepsi would utilize this kind of humor," she said. "It was not humorous. It was demeaning — an African-American woman throwing something at an African-American male and winding up hitting a Caucasian woman."

Let us cut through the crap for a moment and admit that if the cute jogger had been an African American woman... There would be no problem.

I would wager my retirement fund that when this commercial aired in homes across America, many black women cheered when the white girl got creamed... And phrases were uttered like, "Teach her to flirt with our men!"

So I agree with Rep Sheila Jackson Lee that the commercial was unfortunate... Because many black women are angry that for some black men, a white woman is a status symbol, a prize... the preferred companion... this sexualized culture's predominant symbol of beauty.

I believe the commercial was funny, but insensitive... And there would be no issue if the jogger hadn't been a cute little blond.


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