Thursday, February 17, 2011

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Suffers Beating, and Sustained Sexual Assault

First of all, the New York Post is quoting an unnamed source that the attack was not a rape. As soon as I read that I felt a little less nauseous. Hope it's true. The attack in downtown Cairo lasted 20-30 minutes, and was stopped by a group of women and the Egyptian Army.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I can certainly figure out why it happened...

This very beautiful woman had no business reporting inside a mob of men who think she is trash and fair game because they are Muslim and she is an infidel.

Long ago a very pretty woman, a Christian friend of mine told me that she wanted to do prison ministry. I begged her not to, questioning her safety... And I told her that when the inmates were with her, they wouldn't be thinking about Jesus.

I feel bad for Lara Logan and her family. But I can't help wondering, "What was she thinking?" What was CBS thinking?

It's not right. Pretty girls should be safe. But you have to consider reality once in a while... and use a little common sense.



SkyePuppy said...

Ugly girls should be safe too...

And your friend could do prison ministry at women's facilities. That would be safer.

Delta said...

Looks are never a reason to be raped. I don't care if a woman is in a skimpy bikini, there is no reason. Logan was in bad enough shape she had to be hospitalized. She was beaten and raped.

Rape is not a crime of sexual horniness. It's a crime of anger, rage, and inadequacy on the part of the perpitrator.

If sharia law is ever established in the U.S., that is what women all over will be subjected to - humiliation and degradation.

So, to the politically correct, there is a conflict. Do you stand politically and ethically correct by women's rights? Or do you stand politically correct to prefer muslims rights over American Women, Christians, and Jews?

It's something to think about.

I think Jesus would tell us to not allow ourselves to be abused.