Friday, February 18, 2011

What a Difference a Mob Makes

In Wisconsin Democrat Legislators are somewhere in hiding as AWOL teachers occupy the state house. The Democrat National Committee is helping organize the show and is shipping in AFL-CIO strong-arm guys and other union thugs to support them... All in an effort to overturn the election of 2010 and thwart the will of Wisconsin voters.

Rather than accept Wisconsin's budget realities and accept a benefits package like those in the real world... Like yours and mine... The teachers and their union would prefer that Wisconsin would raise taxes on people like you and me, so that teacher pay and benefits can remain better than yours and mine.

I just feel bad for the children... Home from school... Think of all the liberal indoctrination that they're missing out on.

Funny... The Tea Party groups never shut down a single school... They never occupied a state house... They met peacefully... No rent-a-mobs were employed... And yet they were characterized as dangerous, hateful, and racist. Obviously they just weren't doing it right... Maybe they need "thug lessons" from the Democrat Party.



Delta said...

I can't say anything about Wisconsin's teachers, but those in Missouri are not that great. Something like $20,000 a year to start - and $30,00 if you've been a teacher for a couple of decades.

However, some do have great benefits.

Malott said...

I heard that it's not unusual for teachers in Wisconsin to get pay and benefits adding up to 100,000 dollars. I assume that's mid-level.

I'm more concerned that these "public servants" are shutting down schools in order to protest.

The Dems have been talking about Ronald Reagan quite a bit lately... Reagan fired the air traffic controllers...

I'm confident that there are qualified teachers all over America that would be willing to teach in Wisconsin even if they had to contribute to their pension and medical insurance.

Grammy said...

Okay, I gonna say it. I respect teachers as much as the next fella, my mother was one and my daughter-in-law is one. But I don't think teaching is a "special" vocation and I don't think teachers deserve special treatment or more security than anyone else. I don't think teachers are any more important or valuable than any other schmuck that goes out to work a tedious, back-breaking, low paying job with no bargaining power or summer off. At least teachers somehow had the intellectual and financial means to go to college and get trained and certified to do what they CHOSE to do. So many people are not so fortunate and have to take what they can get, like it or not. Anyone who shows up at a job of any kind because they love and feel compelled to support their families do just as much teaching as a school teacher. I put my "teacher are special" violin away a long time ago.

So, here's to all you working stiffs who don't think you're special. And here's to those who take great risks and find a profitable and productive way to hire them. You rock!