Friday, February 18, 2011

Serena Branson Appears to Suffer Mini-Stroke on Camera

This is hard to watch because I've seen my mother do this several times. In Mom's case, it is generally a kind of seizure that effects her speech for a period of time. But Ms Branson may have had a stroke, or TIA... Sometimes referred to as a mini-stroke. She has since said that her face and arm were feeling numb at the time of the event.

The sad thing is this... I looked on YouTube for the video, and most of the posts were video-taped from a television set and was accompanied by young people laughing. I suppose if you're young and ignorant, this is funny.

I understand that Ms Branson's mother persuaded her to see a neurologist and hopefully the cause has been diagnosed and treated.



Christina said...

Apparently, a rare type of migraine was to blame for this incident. I suffer from migraines as well, but I can't imagine how terrifying this would be.
I sometimes lose a bit of my vision (or more accurately have an aura/tunnel vision), but losing my speech would absolutely be awful.

Malott said...

I've never had a migraine that I know of... Though sometimes I get blind spots and stars, which I've been told are the precursors of migraines in some people.

Caring for two little ones with a migraine, I suspect, is a big challenge.

Delta said...

I agree, it isn't funny. She handled it much better than I would have if it had happened to me. Migraines are bad enough on their own.

Christina said...


If you've ever had a migraine, you would know. Absolutely nothing OTC will phase it and it will completely knock you off your feet. You can't concentrate or think straight because your head hurts so much. It also often causes nausea, I assume just from the sheer pain.

And no, it's not fun to care for little ones with a migraine. It's why I've finally given in and tried to find some effective prescription treatment because I've had enough of them to last me a lifetime.

You mention the stars/blind spots....I get the auras every so often, but oddly, they only lead to a full migraine about 50% of the time of less. The first time I got one though...I thought I was going blind. It was a scary feeling.