Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris...
And Probably Lindsay, Too

Recently I watched The Parent Trap for about the 25th time (Yes, I know... Probably "Low T.") and again I was left wondering how such a cute and talented little girl could grow into such a train wreck.

A guy I used to work with told me he'd seen a video of Paris Hilton demonstrating that she is also talented... but not in a way that would get her a job teaching Sunday School.

Across this country there are countless young, female role models that demonstrate talent, hard work, and character - every day. It's a sad and stinging indictment that our culture celebrates and gives face-time to the reprobates.


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Grammy said...

Maybe you're not giving them enough credit. If they ever start to take themselves seriously and respect serious issues maybe they can mature into the likes of Lady GaGa and help us figure out how to run our military!