Monday, September 06, 2010

Character Flaw for September

As a public service, and in an effort to make others feel better about themselves, each month a staffer at Malott's Blog confesses to a character flaw. We hope this helps to build build self-esteem in a world of imperfect people.

Staffer for September: Malott
Malott's Confession:

I Steal Condiments

And here's why: I'm a bachelor and it makes no sense for me to buy a big container of sugar, mustard, ketchup, or parmesian cheese. Those little packets at the restaurant and at work are complimentary... And I have never been so rude as to refuse a free gift.

So when I make French Toast once per year, I get out about ten little packages of maple syrup... When I take a ham sandwich to work, I include a little packet of Kraft Mayo in my lunch bag.

Do I buy taco sauce or Bar-B-Q sauce after visiting Taco Bell and Arby's... And stuffing my pockets with complimentary gifts? Nope!

Oh sure, I could buy relish to put in my potato salad, but why not just tear open 40 or 50 of those little packets?

The entire staff at Malott's Blog hopes this confession has eased your nagging conscience and made you feel better about yourself.

Next Month: Malott instructs readers on the correct way to hide a roll of toilet paper under their shirts.



Bekah said...

LOL!!!!! Too bad I didn't know you earlier...for the taco sauce. My college boyfriend had an entire aquarium full of it. :)

Grammy said...

They say you can make tomato soup from catsup packets and coffee creamer. I tried it once and it was awful. I've noticed that resturants are being much stingier with things like condiments and paper products these days. Might get to be slim pickins out there.

Tsofah said...

When I worked in fast food, I got in trouble when people in drive-thru asked for 20 creamers or 10 ketchups. Fast food places have to buy those things, so to the establishment, asking for gazillions of those is akin to stealing in their eyes.

They are probably right.

But, I thought I was supposed to give good customer service?!?


(Don't tell them about the extra swirl of ice cream I put on my favorite customers ice cream cones!)