Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Ego of an Elitist

The problem with a career politician is that their career is not service to country, but rather... A career. They come to measure success wholly in terms of winning elections. Their values are for sale... Their beliefs are driven this way and that by polls.

These political whores are easy to spot this year... Especially among the establishment Republicans. In Florida, Charlie Crist's soul is for sale to the highest bidder, to anyone or any idea that might help him get elected. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski is not governed by party loyalty or values... or even primary results. She is now a write-in candidate, because in her mind the election is all about... Lisa Murkowski.

Even John McCain was born-again a conservative this year... once he found himself in a primary fight with a candidate who actually was... A conservative... I mean, all the time!

It continues to be an interesting year. Republican elitists like O'Reilly, Crist, Rove, Murkowski, McCain, Krauthammer, and Castle are twisting and squirming over the electorate's total disregard for their sage counsel. This year is different. Politics as usual is unacceptable... Whether it's coming from the Democrats... or the Republicans.


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SkyePuppy said...

During the run-up to the Arizona primary, I kept hearing that JD Hayworth wasn't a very good candidate if you're conservative, but people wouldn't say why. Finally, I heard something (I think it was from Hugh Hewitt, but don't quote me). They said that McCain had never EVER done ANY earmarks on legislation, but when Hayworth was in Congress, he earmarked like crazy. He thought it was just fine to bring home the bacon to his constituents and had never made any indication, direct or indirect, that he regretted that perspective. To a fiscal conservative, Hayworth's attitude toward earmarks is toxic.

But other than that, I never heard what the objection to him was.