Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A More Civil Civil War

Is it my wishful thinking, or is there a growing number of people in our country who are looking to be free of Washington DC and the big-government, big-spending, big-brother mentality that is so pervasive in its machinations? Is there among us a growing plurality wondering if anything is being accomplished in that crime-infested little plot of acreage that actually improves the lives of those living outside the beltway... The very individuals who create the wealth that keeps the D.C. Aristocracy funded? Or is Washington just in business to serve... Washington?

I'm not sure how widespread the Tea Party Movement has become, but you have to smile when you see ordinary citizens gathering to be educated on The United States Constitution... and on how Washington and its Judiciary are shredding it. It's makes me practically euphoric to see conservative, hard-working people get fed up and fired up enough to gather in a community center or parking lot to practice a little sedition. I'm reminded of Barry Fitgerald's character in The Quiet Man when he says, "Well it's a nice soft night, so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason."

Traditionally, in America, the host on which the parasites feed, slumbers through the assault... But lately it has awakened to challenge the sponging of its hard-earned assets and the limiting of its freedoms. It's as if we're witnessing a new Civil War, one with more civility than our last one. The states, communities, and individuals aren't looking to secede this time... They just want their freedom back. They want the Federales to be limited... You know... Like it says in The Constitution.

I think it is all so very delicious!



SkyePuppy said...

Well said!

I love all the sputtering about O'Donnell's primary win in Delaware. All the know-it-alls on both sides declare as fact that she can't win. After all their polls tell them so. But Washington As Usual has awakened the Sleeping Giant, and I know who I'm putting my metaphorical money on to win.

Malott said...


Good to hear from you...

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to see the Republican establishment gang up on this woman. I hope she wins and shuts them up.

Delta said...

As long as the parasites don't come to feed on me! :-D