Monday, February 15, 2010

Saying Bayh to Evan

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the Democrat Party's lurch to the Left than the fact that Indiana's retiring Senator, Evan Bayh is now considered the most conservative Senate Democrat.

It's important to remember that Bayh voted against the confirmations of Messrs Alito and Roberts, two of the most qualified men ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court... That he was a consistent supporter of abortion rights... That he voted for the Stimulus (Porkulus) Bill... That he voted for the Senate Health Care Bill.

Our beloved senator campaigned in Indiana as a conservative, and then voted in Washington with Teddy, Harry, and the other Sons of Lenin.

He was smooth, and a very capable politician, but he did not represent the people of Indiana.

Good riddance.



Tsofah said...

Hey Malott?

I take it you are really going to miss Evan.


Seriously, though...any ideas who could possibly replace him?

Grammy said...

Peter Heck!