Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paul Ryan: Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending.

This guy is -very- good. This young congressman looks The Chosen One straight in the eye and says he (Obama) isn't listening to the American people.


Christina said...

I heard a bit of his comments and wanted to stand up and cheer.

I don't understand why people, especially senators and congressmen, are so awed and afraid to speak against Pres. Obama. He's just a man....and in this case, a man with the power and will to destroy America.

If they won't speak up now...when?

Tsofah said...

Obama ISN'T listening to us.

There are some things that would be good to do, like ending the pre-existing conditions clauses, making the ins companies pay on medical needs instead of dropping clients, etc. etc.

Most of it, though, I do not like.

Worse than Pres. Obama is Nancy Pelosi saying Congress needs to pass the Health Care Bill even if it means losing their jobs in the fall.

Apparently she doesn't think we are intelligent adults capable of making our own coherent decisions for our own well being.

I do not need more parenting.

G-d gave me parents already, thanks.

I hope she is voted out of office ASAP.