Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nothing to Blog About

I face these droughts from time to time... Skyepuppy and Janice have recently been derelict in their duties... Christina has offered little of her brilliant opinions... The sweet and lovely Bekah has continued her efforts, but so many of my haunts seem to have found something better to do than blather on... The blathering that I love so much.

In these troubled and difficult times I turn to self-promoting pictures. This does not make me proud, but what are you going to do... Fire me?

This is the last picture that was taken of me with my siblings... my brother and sister who never really appreciated or respected me. I think I was in my mid-thirties. Lisa, my lovely sister still feigns love, but I sense that I am nothing more to her than a nagging embarrassment. Matt, my brother, whose ass I perennially believed the sun shown through, continues to treat me with the most cruel disdain.

These are pictures I took this morning... In my jammies and later using the incredibly high tech "Dirty-Bathroom-Mirror" Photography... truly amazing!

In particularl I like the one where I seem to be looking out on life's landscape while thinking deep thoughts.Blogging times will return to my pathetic existence... But for now... This is all I have to offer... Live with it!



Bekah said...

YAY for pictures!!

You know you can always count on me for endless prattling. I probably should learn to appreciate the art of SILENCE at least occasionally.


I'm glad you posted. I missed you.

Christina said...

I'm currently finding it difficult to put together a coherent thought, let alone a whole blog post, with all the fussing and whining around here...and that's not even including the kids.

Ok, so Andrew's not really that bad, but add to it my new talent for dyslexic typing and I think it's best that limit my "brilliant opinions" for the time being.

They say having kids makes you lose brain cells, and I completely believe it!

SkyePuppy said...

Hey! I blogged three times this week, and you're disparaging me.


Malott said...

Prattle on!

But you started with so many more brain cells than most! I do miss your political thoughts.

And Skyepuppy,
You dare to come to my blog and Hmmmph? You don't see me Hmmmphing at your blog! Little girl, you just keep your Hmmmphing to yourself!

Hmmmph at me will you!

SkyePuppy said...


Christina said...

Yes, Skyepuppy, I thought that was a most unprovoked attack when you've so recently update.

Hmmpppph...on your behalf.

janice said...

The SkyePuppy "dis" was totally uncalled for. I, on the other hand, completely deserve the public shaming.

Grammy said...

Great pictures. How does it feel to be the eye candy of the family???

janice said...

I've posted a response.....with pictures. Enjoy!

Tsofah said...

I like the pics, BUT....

What am I, chopped liver?

No one noticed I wasn't around, I and my broken toes and hurt foot and the fall I took on the stairs...sigh. pout. disdain. S A D N E S S

And to think I plug your blog to my email buddies.....

oh well....

blowing nose,
wiping away tears,
oh, the pain............

Tsofah said...

Oh yeah, nice pic's Malott.

Bekah, you can still invite Malott to come to your house when I visit.

I'm sure I'll be over the heartbreak by then.