Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from Malott's Blog

If you're like me, you suffer through 364 calendar days just to make it to your favorite day of the year... Valentine's Day. Like most men, I wish they would just do away with Christmas and let us have a second Valentine's Day instead.

And in this day of economic hard times, what could be a better investment than cut flowers?


Bekah said...

I echo all your sentiments. I also would like to add that the Wal Mart on Valentines Day Eve IS as chaotic as Christmas Eve. I nearly lost my salvation in there.

Bryan Alexander said...

I always thought Valentine's Day was invented by women so they could get flowers and presents.

Malott said...

Bryan Alexander... Master of the obvious!

Grammy said...

No valentines junk in the Grammy household. Not for 42 years.

Tsofah said...

I asked for (and got) two things for V-Day this year: A single carnation, and some fruit salad.

Sigh! Isn't love grand? My hubby is very, VERY good to me.

My present to him? To insist that if he dared brought me a flowery valentine box with candy, jewelry, or roses I would NOT let come home.

Why waste the money when you are just doing what is PC?

I'd rather have a carnation, and as for the rest - I'd rather have him surprise me when I least expect it.

By the way, did I mention he IS the best? (big smile and sigh)