Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sunday, March 23rd 2003

Sgt Asan Akbar kills and maims his fellow American soldiers by tossing grenades into the Command Center tent in Kuwait.

Six years later we learn again of the mixed allegiances of Muslims in the Military.

This week when Major Assan shouted "Allah Akbar" and shot 42 unarmed American soldiers in the worst terrorist attack in this country since 9/11... Political Correctness in the news coverage ruled.

Our brave president told us not to jump to conclusions about the motivation behind these murders.

After all, this is a Muslim American... not some white policeman and a black guy.



janice said...

I may be over-reacting here, but I think this finally makes the case for internment.......closing our borders to the middle east and deportation.

Then again, I love my country.

janice said...

Do you find it ironic, the Fort Hood jihadi planned his murderous attack on the 30th anniversary of the iranian embassy hostage assault?

CG said...

He is sure going to be pissed when he awakens from his coma to discover he is not in heaven.

SkyePuppy said...


That's right. There are NO virgins in the brig.