Monday, November 16, 2009

Job Opportunity!

Wanted: Adult U.S. citizens willing to relocate to New York City... Preferably no family or even distant relatives... Preferably willing to live in fear for rest of life.

Have you always wanted to serve on a jury and never got the chance? Don't miss this golden opportunity!

Apply to the U.S. Justice Department c/o Eric Holder, or send resume along with Last Will and Testament to The Federal Court of lower Manhattan.



Tsofah said...


As crazy as this may sound, I'm not the least bit afraid to go to NYC. However remote the chance would be, I'd not be afraid to serve on the jury, either.

Despite all, this is still my country. I'm not going to allow someone from another country to instill fear in me that would stop me from going where I wish in my home land.

I live here. I love freedom. I love the Lord G-d of Israel. Allah is NOT greater.

No matter how many extremist die in suicide attacks, the fact that the Lord G-d is greatest will never change.

(did I hear an "Amen!"?)

Malott said...

You Jews are brave.

Grammy said...

Amen, Tsofah.... Relocating to NYC for any reason is risky business. Might as well serve on a jury whether the issue makes sense or not.

I have to fly all the time for my job, and while I'm always a nervous wreck wondering if the wings are going to fall off or a flock of birds are going to get sucked into the engines, I have no fear of terrorists. I couldn't wait to get back on an airplane after 9/11. I felt like it was my way of saying "You terrorists can kiss my you-know-what which will be firmly planted in seat 20A. I'm not afraid of you and you can't have my freedom."

Now if only the federal government would quit messing with my freedom...

Tsofah said...

Malott: It has nothing to do with being or not being a Jew (as I'm sure you know - mischevious as you are) ;-)

It has to do with being more stubborn than any terrorist. It has to do with knowing my right, as well as other freedom loving folks, to have a free country in which to live. It has to do with standing firm and saying "We are NOT leaving." It has to do with standing up to evil.

Grammy: Well put!