Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Burly Man at Heart

Until I hit my 40's, I was prettier than most people's sisters... Not exactly burly... was I. I was Dick Cavett pretty, but I wasn't Tommy Tune pretty.

I remember sitting in a girlfriend's apartment back in the early 80's, and Tommy Tune came on the TV singing and dancing. I said, "Geez! That guy is prettier than I am!" My girlfriend laughed and said, "Hey, he's prettier than I am, too!"

Before you think I'm bragging... Consider that women aren't attracted to pretty men any more than men like moustached "mannish" women.

But moving on to my point... Having never married, I'm sure assumptions were sometimes made about my sexual orientation that wouldn't have been made before the liberal culture put a spotlight on the gay lifestyle and attempted to legitimize it. Because gays are celebrated and promoted in today's entertainment, bachelors are often looked upon with suspicion.

Am I bitter? Maybe!

Still, I've never been one to gay bash or use slurs. I figure your average fudge-packer has enough problems without having to deal with insensitive remarks... So I refuse to make them.

Recently an NFL player tweeted on Twitter that a person's avatar picture was a "fag pic." He was suspended for two games and fined $300,000.

Well dang!

I think of overweight people, homely little girls, people that aren't very bright, born-again Christians, and other individuals who suffer unkind remarks and yet do not enjoy the same heavy-handed protection that gays benefit from.

Punishing people for their speech is an idea whose time has unfortunately come. It's a part of the slow and steady movement towards liberalism and godlessness, Slouching Towards Gomorrah as Robert Bork put it. I've watched it all my life...

Evil pushes... We stomp our feet, we compromise, we plan our next purchase.

All that just to post another picture of myself.



janice said...

I feel your pain, Chris.

I have a deep and raspy voice. I've been asked, "Steve, can you put your mother on the phone" by moms freinds and relatives for decades. Not to mention the solicitors who used to call my home would ask me if they can "speak to the lady of the house."

Even my own mother will think she's talking with my brother if she doesn't check the caller ID first.

Malott said...


That's not deep and raspy... That's sexy!

SkyePuppy said...

Dang! I had a serious crush on Dick Cavett. And later on Sam Neill. It was something about the jawline. Dang!

Malott said...


OK... Just please tell me you never cast a longing eye towards Tommy Tune.

CG said...

You just ruined Christmas! Every Christmas I enjoy making fudge for friends and family. Now I'm not sure if I can ever love fudge again :(

SkyePuppy said...

I don't even know who Tommy Tune is. Let me go look him up.


Nope. Never saw him before. No crush there.

SkyePuppy said...


If you get past the horror and decide to make fudge after all, be sure to let me know!!

Tsofah said...


I just do not get why women aren't asking YOU out! Unless you are rude to them or something. The looks are nice, your sense of humor is great, and you seem to be one of those who care about others but not the mushy type about it.

More like the "he-man" type I think. (Sorry, only adjective type word I could think of and not mention the word "chauvenist") ;-)

Since I'm sure I'm older than you, maybe I let some of my single, younger friends see a more recent pic of you.

Naaaaaawwww. They live too far away from you.


Btw, quit being so hard on yourself and your looks, etc.

THAT is unbecomming on you.

Grammy said...

I knew you before you were 40 and I never thought you were just always look younger than your years.