Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Palin Impresses

Sarah Palin was interviewed by Rush Limbaugh yesterday, and she did a great job. You might be able to listen to the interview at

I still don't think that she is the strongest conservative candidate the Republicans can put forward... But I'm ready for her to change my mind... And she may.

Update: Transcript for non-members... You can read it here:



Christina said...

You know, I like Palin. I think she's probably a great candidate for some office (Congress, Senate, maybe even Vice President), but I'm not sure that she's THE best presidential candidate, at least not yet.

Either way, she's a far cry more suited to the presidency than Obama.

Anonymous said...

She will change you mind Chris.........

Jo Jelly

Tsofah said...

I'm with Christina on Palin being in congress before I'd even think of her as a candidate for Pres. Even at that, I really, REALLY get alloyed at her voice (sorry guys). There are many people out there who are very conservative whom I feel are much more qualified to run for President.

In all honesty, McCain nominating Palin for running mate pushed me into looking at the Independent candidates.

We did NOT have a strong ticket at all.

SkyePuppy said...


We may not have had as strong a ticket as we liked, but compared to the Empty Suit and his running mate the Foot-in-Mouth, the GOP ticket was the Rock of Gibralter. And America would be, far and away, better off today if McCain and Palin were in office. Sometimes there's hell to pay if you wait for perfection...

Tsofah said...


While the McCain/Palin ticket would have been better for the U.S., when you are dealing with an albatross such as the Obama/Biden ticket - you need all the help you can get.

When good is weak and doesn't hold power, it has nothing to do with perfection. It has to do with helping our nation, and not putting into power a party hell-bent on destroying it whether they realize it or not.

I truly feel, had McCain chosen a different running mate, the outcome of the election could have possibly been different.

SkyePuppy said...


I truly feel, had McCain chosen a different running mate, he would have lost by even more.

Romney: Too many Christians I know refused to vote for a Mormon. McCain would have lost those votes.

Huckabee: Too many non-Christians would have refused to vote for him, because if GW was too Christian, a genuine pastor was WAY too Christian to be allowed in office.

Lieberman (who McCain really wanted) would have lost the Republican base completely.

No, McCain was a loser no matter how you look at it. Palin, though, generated enough excitement among the base that she kept McCain from doing a McGovern. A lot of Republicans (me included) voted for Sarah and not for McCain.